The world of industrial brakes

The SIBRE Siegerland Bremsen GmbH is a worldwide operating, medium-sized company of traditions with meanwhile over 60 years of company history.
From the very first the company engages in the development and production of brake systems for the industry. Right from the start value was set on technical innovation, the most modern manufacturing technology and high customer use. Production procedures are continuously supervised by a quality management system. The aim of the product development is an optimum combination of a top-quality product, the easiest use and market-driven price both for plant engineers and plant operators.

We have upgraded the well proven design of our USB thruster disc brakes, the new generation is even more reliable and efficient and comes with several new design features.

Standardized functional principle, available in 5 different sizes Designed for all applications in a crane (gantry, boom, slewing, hoist)  Identical conditions in regards to installation, adjustment and maintenance

Improved brake linings
More stable friction coefficient and brake torque
Extended lifetime

Parallel opening of brake shoes
Simplified alignment of the brake system
Minimized risk of sliding between disc and linings

Optimized spring guiding unit
Reduced noise emission
Extended lifetime of brake spring

Upgraded manual release system
Increased operational safety for manual load lowering

Enhanced corrosion protection
By design features and improved coating

Additional options for status monitoring
Load cells for measuring the brake torque
PT100 temperature sensors for the brake linings
Linear position sensor for monitoring of thruster stroke
Linear position sensor for torque adjustment

five dimensions – one concept

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